Thursday, June 03, 2004

The grass is longing for your cherishing

The Chinese are very long winded. The above is their alternative to saying "Stay off the grass." Very poetic.

The Chinese are also a very loud people. In the park outside our new hotel they have a virtual dance party Beijing every day. They are always blaring music and people sing along or whistle. Today we heard Scarborough Fair, the other day Wham, but usually just Chinese music. Very annoying, especially since we have to keep our window open so the air conditioner works. There is something to be said about capitalism people because it makes you demand stuff that works.

So far not much to report. An interesting H tidbit. You all know how anal she can be, and when we moved to our new hotel on Sunday I commented that the picture hanging on the wall by her bed was crooked and I said that I wondered how long it would take for her to crack and straighten it. I'm happy to report that she made it all the way to Wednesday!!! No doubt a new record.

I will now sum up all I learned in two days of Chinese IP law class. Our professor said that capitalism is like canned food. "The canned food is delicious" to be exact. And IP law is like the can opener because with protections for companies then they will want to come to China and it will benefit from the world economy. Pretty deep stuff--someone alert Maggs and Crews that they need to come up with some catchy stuff like this for job security.

I did not learn a thing in two days of arbitration so nothing to report there. I have however coined the nickname "Beijing Bob" for Lancaster and it is catching on. I am thinking of trademarking it now that I know all there is to know about IP law in China.

Stay tuned for more (hopefully more interesting) updates!