Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse... Continued

(If you haven't read the first post, please scroll below or this won't make a whole lot of sense).

OK so here we are, sitting on the side of the interstate, being passed by thousands of semis carrying nuclear weapons, large farm implements, and highly explosive cargo - scared out of our minds that some yoyo isn't paying attention and is about to send the three of us to our final destination.

We send the lady with us to call the school and find out if a wrecker is on it's way. Soon after she leaves us, a state police trooper stops by to lend assistance. Seems he had received a report of a school bus broken down on the interstate and had been looking for the bus. A yellow school bus, that is. Our "bus" is white and blue. He had passed us by thinking we were not the vehicle he was looking for. After having traveled 10 miles in both directions, he figured we must be it!

We explain the situation to the officer and assure him that the children have been successfully transferred to two other vehicles and were merrily on their way to the Really Big City to complete their field trip.

We informed the officer that the principal of the school was supposed to have called for a tow truck, but we had no confirmation that she had done so. The officer called his dispatcher to call the wrecker service to verify that a truck was on the way. The response we got in a few minutes was disturbing. Seems that the rain has caused all drivers to lose any sensibilities they might have and the wrecking company is so booked that they will not be able to get us until THE NEXT DAY. Now I'm no genius, but I GUARANTEE that we would not be alive the next day sitting in the position we were in.

The lady with us returns with the same news. Seems the principal called the local wrecker company and got the same report. She didn't know who else to call, so she sent the lady back to us to ask who she should call next.

So the officer had the dispatcher call another wrecker company located about a thousand miles away (actually only about 15 miles - just seemed like a thousand), and they dispatched a truck to get us. It only took him about an hour to reach our location.

Gladly, all is now well. The bus is sitting at the shop waiting to get repaired, which they tell me won't happen until at least next week. The kids got to finish their trip and arrived back safely, and actually sent me a thank you note for going out of our way to make sure they were able to continue on.

Just another day.