Friday, September 05, 2003

What were they thinking?

Ok, I had that dilemma about being a substitute teacher a while back. Well, I never really resolved that, but that's beside the point. Apparently my professor from last year thought it would be a good idea to have me teach impressionable minds of first years. I'm now going to be leading tutoring sessions for his class. Granted, I'm only doing it because it'll look good on my resume. Ok, and the fact that I'm a geek and really do like civil procedure. But really, what are these people thinking when they come up with these brilliant ideas?

Oh, and I had to get something clarified in the admissions office today, and while I'm standing there a lady in the office asks me to do something. She wants me to sit on a panel for their "explore the law school" day next week and answer questions from prospective students and their parents. Of course I couldn't say no since she was asking me face to face. Cause that's what I would have done had it been over email or something. But now, they're not only thrusting me on first years, but on potential first years for next year. Really, someone must have gotten me confused with one of those overachievers who like to help the struggling newcomers. Perhaps my first statement will be one of "suck it up, I ain't your momma". That'll go over really well.