Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Dangers of Working from Home

Monday night, as I was packing up to leave the office, I decided to take home 2 cases which I've been working on here and there. I knew that the client in one of the cases would be visiting our office on Tuesday and I wanted to be sure I was up to speed on everything.

Tuesday morning rolls around, and I head on into work. The other lawyers in the office were out of the office at meetings or court. So I was in charge. (For all of 2 hours nonetheless). But at about 9:00 I realize that I had left my bag, containing the cases, at home on my dining room table. Which meant that I had to leave the office, drive all of the way home, and then drive back.

Lost a solid hour of billable time in the process. And I was striving to be such a good little lawyer.