Friday, May 02, 2008

I've been hanging around...

Yeesh, time is certainly flying by. I just looked at the date of my last post and realized it has been a whole 6 weeks since I've been round these parts. It's already May! Can you believe it?

I guess a quick update on what I've been up to is in order for those I don't talk to on a regular basis. Which is probably a lot of people since I don't talk to many people. But it's probably not many people who are reading this because I'm fairly certain anyone who once may have read this has long since abandoned the idea of it. But in case you peeked your head in here and wanted to check in, I'll oblige. And I'm not making any promises about being better about keeping up with the posting, because seriously? Let's be honest here.

I'm still working my government job and being swamped as ever. I like it just fine, but I was promised secretarial/paralegal help would be arriving last June. It's not here. I have someone who occassionally helps with my filing, but she can't even get that right and if she doesn't know where something goes, she will just create an entirely new case file for it and file it away. You can imagine how convenient that is for me when I go to my drawer and I have 4 files for the same case. So when I'm talking to other attorneys on the phone and they have the nerve to comment to me about how difficult it is to get ahold of them since they're so busy, I have no qualms about pointing out to them that I am the sole attorney for 2 counties and I'm my own paralegal and secretary. When they don't believe me, I give them details. Add that to the fact that I was in Court every day but 3 for the month of May, and you can understand why I'm behind in my paperwork and preparation for Court. It's hard to prepare for hearings when you're always in hearings to begin with. But you've got to love government work. At least it's all pretty repetitive and I don't feel like I have to reinvent the wheel every day. For that I'm thankful.

I'm also still working my second job at the company located at the airport. And, surprisingly, I still love that job. Even though it messes with my sleep schedule, there's something about it and a culture that is just difficult to explain. For the first 4 months or so, I spent most of my time feeling like a complete idiot since they don't exactly train you on what to do and mostly just yell for you to do something. But after a while I started to catch on and am now feeling 50% less idiot. They also got it in their brains to train me to drive for part of the night, which requires me to pull about 40 tons of freight behind a tug and navigate it around the place while avoiding hitting things, especially the planes. It took me a while to get the hang of that as well, since my second night out, I didn't clear a corner and managed to take out a stop sign. A stop sign that was attached to a 3 foot by 5 foot concrete barrier. But hey. It wasn't a plane. Most people thought I'd last in that job for about a month or so, but I'm going on my 8th month there and enjoying it. Plus, I've gotten used to the money. I don't tell people what my day job is unless they ask me point blank, because the stares I get from those who have found out is enough to scare them away. There's still this stigma associated with lawyers and as soon as they find out that's what I do, their first question is always "what the heck are you doing working here?", and the second is usually, "hey, can you tell me how...".

With as busy as I've been with the 2 jobs, I've not had much else going on. Another reason I love the night job is that it's paid exercise. Anyone who knows me knows that I hate working out. Always have, and I'm sure I always will. With the job, I don't have to worry about it. Plus, if I'm not home during the week, I'm not home snacking.

Also, my younger bro is getting married in 2 months. So we're wedding planning and I'm fulfilling my bridesmaidly duties. So that's another big chunk of my oh so exciting life right now.

And basically, that's me in a nutshell for now. It's not all that entertaining or worthwhile of a read, but there it is. I'm keeping busy and enjoying my weekends as much as I can. I haven't been able to take a vacation day in about a year from my main job because I've felt too guilty with burdening the other attorney in my region with covering for me. So I've been using my vacay time a half day at a time to basically sleep in when I want. Lucky for me, my offices let me flex my time, so if I want to sleep till 10 one morning and then come in and work till 7, I can. It's fabulous. Every vacation day I have scheduled so far, there has been an emergency hearing I have had to attend. But I got someone to cover for me on Monday so that I can have a long weekend with election day off. Too bad I'll be spending my vacay day and election day catching up on court orders that I need to do because I'm so far behind. But seriously, one day I'll take a vacation. Because I really really could use one.

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