Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Faking It

Being relatively new to the LJ world, I just found out about something called fake journals. Apparently people impersonate entertainers, sports figures, etc. and post a journal as if they are this person. And yes, I was on the fake Andy Roddick page. I told you I was obsessed. But what I don't understand about this whole operation, is that other LJ users post comments to these journals as if they are posting to the real person.
Now I have 3 theories as to why this may be.
1. They are dumbasses who really believe that Andy takes time out of his pregame preparation to post meaningless chatter on a public website. Cause you know they keep those internet hookups in the US Open locker rooms next to the lockers and across from the urinals. Convenient since he found time to post during the rain delays.
2. They know it's not him but believe that maybe he's aware of the fake site and visits it often to see their comments. Because he obviously has nothing better to do with his time.
or 3. The person who maintains the fake site doesn't have enough to do even with maintaining the fake personality that they create other fake personalities to congratulate themselves for a job well done.

It all perplexes me really. Maybe someone can fill me in on the lure of impersonating. Although, I must say, a few years back in college I did get myself kicked off of some Dawson's Creek websites because my best friend and I spilled the "secret storyline" that Leona was coming season 2. But then I was just jacking around with the 14 year olds in a chat room. So yeah, if you were a diehard DC fan of season one and ever heard the Leona storyline (it did get posted on some official message boards at one time), that was me. But really, I don't do that anymore.

Really I don't. For now I'll stick with the official Andy page. None of this fake shit for me.