Thursday, September 16, 2004

Knee Deep

Maybe it was karma for something I've done recently, maybe it was the shoes I was wearing, or maybe it's just the fact that I'm a klutz, but call it what you will, I took a nasty spill last night and landed on my knee. It actually wasn't a complete fall so much as a movement resembling a kneel. Regardless, I find myself immobilized on the couch this morning, doped up on ibuprofin and trying to numb out the knee with ice pack after ice pack.

My mother is angry with me because I refuse to go to the hospital to have it looked at, while my dad and I adhere to the "walk it off" form of treatment. Which is proving quite difficult since I can't bend my leg. It's more of a stumble it off motion as it were. But the swelling has gone down and I believe I'm on the way to recovery. I don't ascribe to my mom's theory that I fractured my patella, which is why I'm choosing the lie around and heal myself type of therapy.

Afterall, this isn't my first time to do this. It is my "bad knee" which ironically resulted from falling in this manner when I was 10. The "double knee cap" look is quite attractive in my opinion. Maybe I'll keep it for a while.