Wednesday, September 08, 2004

What I want to be when I grow up.

As a preface to this post, I need to explain the structure of our law school for those who don't attend law school or understand the separation. I attend Indiana University School of Law on the IUPUI campus. The law school is independent from the undergrad university (which is in fact a branch of both IU and Purdue) and you'd be hard pressed to find a student at our law school who would tell people that they attend IUPUI. We simply share the campus and are forced to abide by the beauracracy associated with financial aid, parking, etc.

That being said, I somehow got added or classified as an IUPUI undergrad on some list. This has resulted in a swarm of junk mail and emails inviting me to various IUPUI functions. I keep getting invitations to freshman orientation meetings, "Explore IUPUI", and volunteer opportunities. One even tells me that I'm invited to a banquet to honor the receipients of a certain undergrad scholarship, which my financial aid account can attest that I never got, [though I'd not be ashamed of spending it if it were granted me in error]. My favorite came yesterday from the undergrads "pre-law" office. The email started out with some version of the line; "interested in attending law school after you graduate?" and then went on to detail an internship opportunity for "valued pre-law majors." Apparently I'm so valued that they want me back, even though I'm already in my last year of law school.

I emailed the head of the listserv yesterday and explained that I was not an undergrad and wished to be removed from the list. Her response was that even though I wasn't an undergrad, I was still invited to attend the functions. Apparently she missed the flashing red light telling her I wanted them to stop filling my inbox and mailbox with worthless mailings.