Friday, August 27, 2004

Alone in my Movie.

It took me a while to get over the stigma of going to the movies alone. It always had such a negative connotation until I finally sucked it up and went. And I discovered that I prefer going alone to having someone else tag along. That way, I get to choose the movie, the time, and more importantly, I don't have anyone trying to talk to me during the movie.

I only came to this realization after many attempts at getting someone to accompany me to a movie I wanted to see. My family's movie choices are diametrically opposed to mine. If I went with my parents I'd end up seeing something along the lines of Fivel Goes West or Harry Potter. (They don't watch R-Rated unless they're Heidi pre-approved). And I've been on too many dates where the movie selection includes Jurassic Park 42 1/2 or Blown Away. (Which my sister and I, who were double dating that night, walked out of for 20 minutes and our dates didn't notice.) But anyway, back to the original intent of this post.

I caught a matinee of "Garden State" today. Loved it. You should see it. Really. Go now.