Friday, August 27, 2004


I love Sitemeter for the wonderful random information it provides me on boring days. Today for instance, I checked and I had referrals from 3 blogs I'd never heard of. I followed the links and I was pleasantly surprised to see guest poster Energy Spatula recommending my blog on another site. (Energy Spatula is the fabulous writer of Will Work for Favorable Dicta. ES, I probably don't comment enough on your blog, but it's definitely one that I check daily for humor and wisdoms. And I'll take this moment to make a request for the next Just Because post: Christian Bale. /end asskissing.)

Back to Sitemeter, I can also click on individual visitors and see where they're at and how long they spent on the blog. Today, some poor soul at spent 58 minutes browsing the blog. It's a sad, sad world when anyone prefers this blog to something more productive they could be doing. What usually weirds me out is the person at who spends 1-2 hours on my site weekly. I'm hoping that this person simply forgets to close their browser and isn't an Indiana government employee collecting data for some indictment impending in my future.

Then of course, there's the weirdness of starting back to school and seeing people whose blogs I read but rarely speak to in person. It's so odd to see them walk by and know that I can know so much about them, but they may not even know I visit. This also works against me because I never know if someone else has been to this blog and may know the random stuff I post here. While I obviously don't care if they know (this is after all a public blog), it still puts me in a weird position of not knowing. If that makes any sense. I should just end this post before I start getting philosophical or something.