Saturday, August 21, 2004

Olympic sized addiction.

I may be suffering from a slight addiction to the Olympics, which is resulting in my not getting sleep. This past week, I had a 40 hour class at school which required me to be on the road by 6:15 a.m. The earliest I got home all week was 6:30 p.m. Just in time to eat dinner before the Olympics started at 7:00. And of course I can't turn the TV off or go to bed until Bob Costas signs off at 11:00. So if I was lucky, I was sleeping from 12 to 5 at night.

And I must say it's caught up to me. I slept unusually long last night, even for me. To top it off, I have a sinus infection that's making my world oh so pleasant. But enough about that.

My biggest problem this week has been staying unspoiled for the Olympics. My dad has no patience, so he checks online for the results, and then spends the whole night heckling me. I swear if he said "I know who wins" one more time I was going to throw something at him. I made it relatively unspoiled, except for the NBC nightly news, which would report the results in the middle of the show. Which didn't exactly make sense to me, since NBC is the one airing the Olympics, and I figured they'd rather have people tune in to watch. Then I figured, since most of the results have been positive, they either figured that (1) reporting them would make people want to watch more, or (2) they're going to get huge ratings no matter what they do so why not report them anyway. I'm guessing if the rest of the world is anywhere near my level of Olympic enthusiasm, the second is likely true.