Friday, August 13, 2004

I'm 86% sure this is the title of this post.

My sister finally had her ultrasound last week to determine what she's having. Once she found out, she proceeded to tell all of us that she's not letting anyone know. I for one thought this was unfair since I've had to listen to her gripe every week about how she doesn't know and needs to know. And I pretty much told her so. They caved a bit because the bro-in-law, J, called and told his parents. So they felt obligated to tell my parents. I offered that J should be able to tell all his siblings and A could tell all of hers. This almost worked until they realized J was an only child.

After much whining on my part, I pulled out my trump card. I've volunteered to babysit for free every Thurs and some Fridays this fall. I told them if they didn't tell me, that I'd up my charge to an hourly fee. And they agreed to pay me. Then I reminded them that my mom (who was sitting there smiling this whole time) will slip up or will try to buy something gender specific while I'm with her so I'll figure it out. But to no avail.

But knowning my sister, she wouldn't last long. I think she lasted 8 more hours, and she told me in a round-about way that the baby was the opposite of what she had thought it was. Since I knew what she thought, I figured it out pretty easily. Then she told me that I can't tell J I know, because he would get mad. So I have to act like I don't know, and I promised not to tell anyone else. And that includes the blog.

I can understand her hesitation to reveal it, since her doctor isn't exactly the most trustworthy at guessing. He told her friend that he was 99% sure she was having a girl, and she had a boy. So the sis is thinking that he could be wrong with her. Afterall, he told her he was 94% sure. Where the heck he pulled 94% I'll never know. I could understand 99 or 95, but 94? He's going to do another ultrasound in a week to "be sure." My sis is hoping his nurse will do it since she's the one who finally told her friend the doc didn't know what he's doing. (We all know the nurses know more anyway, right Kelly?) He also told her she was 25 weeks, when my sister argued that she was 28. And then 3 weeks later told her she was 31. My sis was more impressed by the fact that she was right then by the fact that the baby grew 6 weeks older in 3 weeks.

But I can't not like the doctor, as much as I want to. He, after all, is the one who brought me into the world. Then again, he was the one who told my mom I was due Dec 10th, and then when I didn't come, he said I was due Jan 15th. So no one's really sure if I was 2 weeks early, or 2 weeks late.