Tuesday, August 03, 2004

She's Back

I'm back, alive, and with plenty of stories to tell. But as always, I'm as tired as I could ever imagine and don't have time to start in with them all just yet. But lucky for you, I have the day off tomorrow to catch up on blogs I couldn't read while I was away and to begin posting the numerous snippets from the past week and a half. Highlights are sure to include: cockroaches and scorpions, gringos in a pickup, tearing down and building a house, the 2 day plague, running out of water with the 2 day plague, carrying 60 lbs of corn, lost in translation, cell phones, toilets, and being in beautiful landscapes and surrounded by unimaginable poverty. My favorite though will be up first tomorrow, and you'll just have to wait for that.

So I hope that whets your whistle and has you coming back for more.

And thanks to Amanda who graciously stepped in to keep this place alive. Though she apparently wasn't able to blog as much as she liked, she now owns the record to the most comments ever to a single post on this site. But who's counting.