Monday, July 19, 2004


Well, the laptop has finally bit the dust.  Though it's not completely lifeless yet, it will be as soon as I finish this post and throw it out the window. 
I've had problems with it since I bought it, including the short in the wiring which causes the screen to go out.  It's been fixed once, and now it's worse than ever.  The screen only works when it's open an inch.  For those who are laptopless, you can't really do much with a computer that only opens an inch.  My hands are thicker than an inch.   After a while, the screen will start to work at wider angles, but the colors are off.  It's replaced black with neon green and then there's random pink lines all over it.  Really colorful, but non-functional.
So I'm in the market for a new computer.  Because although I could fix the piece of crap, it's not worth it to me.  My dad, ultra conservative, "live with it till it's really broke" man has already told me to scrap this old one and buy something dependable.  I may clean the hard drive and then try to hawk it on ebay.  And if I get 50 bucks for it, I'll be happy.
Though my knowledge of computers is at most minimal, I offer this one piece of advice to anyone ever in the market for a computer:  Avoid HPs like the plague because they are pieces of crap.  I have a few friends who also have HPs and all of them have had trouble.  Like they say, when 1 person says it, it's rumor, but when 2 or more confirm it, it's fact.