Friday, July 02, 2004

I'd like a salad but hold the toad please.

A Massachusetts woman claims that she found a toad in her salad at her local McDonalds. If this proves to be a stunt, unfortunately the woman will not be the pioneer in the "amphibian in my food" trick.

A few years back, a couple in my home town made national news when they claimed that they found a frog in their Taco Bell taco. The frenzy and worry shut the local Taco Bell down for months until it was shown that the frog was placed there by the couple. The couple was found guilty of false reporting and given probation, which I considered to be a light sentence given their history. They once sued a friend of mine after their daughter was "hit by his car" in the high school parking lot. Only she had walked in front of the car that wasn't even running but was being pushed towards the automotive wing bay for work and then claimed she had a broken leg. How anyone could sustain a broken leg from a car travelling 2 mph, I'll never know. But unfortunately, these are the type of people that some of my classmates will be representing in the future.