Thursday, July 01, 2004


In an effort not to repeat my 6:30 p.m. bedtime and 2:00 a.m. wakeup of last night, I've engaged in a variety of activities to keep myself awake tonight. My parents are out of town until tomorrow night, and my brother is working all the time so there's no one here to entertain me. Instead I've spent a night pampering myself and watching quality television programming. (I say this because I promised K that after China I would never ever again complain about there being nothing on TV.)

I'm trying to decide which is worse. (1) That I'm actually watching The Karate Kid or (2) that it's playing on the American Movie Classics channel. I have previously been entertaining myself with my new Season 1 of [TV show name removed to protect my obsessions] dvd set, but have found that 3 episodes a day (played during rain delays of Wimbledon of course) is about my tops. And I'm saving the special features for a rainy day.

On the upside, I've had a self-given pedicure, hair treatment, and facial this evening. My skin has never thanked me more. Though I'm pretty sure I sweated out all of my toxins in Beijing.