Thursday, July 01, 2004

Slight Obsession

So, it's a good thing we came home a few days early so that I could glue myself to the TV for Wimbledon coverage. Seriously, I think I've got some sort of sickness. I know exactly when NBC is covering and when ESPN is picking up the slack. I've even gone so far as to tape a match or 2 and refrain from the internet so as not to spoil myself. And I'm trying my best not to mention that I was there last year every time someone walks into the room.

I'm a little disappointed that the RCA Championships in Indy take place while I'm in Honduras, though I think I can catch the first couple of days if I'm lucky. I missed it last year and have anticipated the last 12 months. Let's hope it doesn't rain those few days or I'll be a bit grouchy.

No nice way to wrap up this post as I'm distracted by the Davenport/Sharapova match currently being shown on a delay.