Thursday, June 24, 2004

True concern.

So K emailed a few people to let them know we are coming home early. And these few people all proceeded to email her back asking if everything is OK. Translation: what has H done that you're either (1) ready to kill her, or (2) want to kill yourself to get away from her. What amuses me is that no one emailed me to make sure everything was OK on my end. Translation: only H is capable of annoying someone to the point of them wanting to leave the country early.

I'm happy to report that K and I are still on speaking terms, as far as I can tell. I tried to think of anything I've done that may have upset her, but realized that that's impossible. She's only bailed me out of Chinese prison 3 times, and I've only brought home 8 strange men in the last week. And it's not like I didn't offer to share. It's not my fault that K doesn' want to play massage table tai tai. Who knew she was such a prude?

But I stopped worrying when I realized that we were still on the same page. K pointed out that M and C only emailed her because they needed exact details of when to stop having orgies in K's living room. Good point K.