Friday, June 11, 2004


The other night we were hanging out in the "good" hotel while our hosts had HBO on in the background. While we were gawking at their luck in having English HBGO, they only could focus on its faults; as in it was censored. Something about not being able to see Halle Berry's boobs in a movie. (Their words, not mine.)

Anyway, Kyleen and I have been biding our time watching our various selections of CCTV. Said CCTV was listed in Kyleen's guidebook as "painfully dull and full of propaganda." Thank heavens we don't have a censored HBO to take away from time we can spend watching part 5 of 42 of the Chinese Space Program. It's fascinating really. They keep telling me all about how successful the Chinese Space Program has been, all the while hiding the fact that no one gives a shit or has even heard of the Chinese Space Program. K just pointed out that as of part 5 they've still only built rockets but haven't progressed to actually sending them into space or building the more modern spaceships. Kyleen: "I built a rocket once and launched it at boy scout camp." Apparently Kyleen is now experienced enough to join the Chinese Space Program. I'll be looking for her around part 31.