Friday, June 04, 2004


All week, Beijing Bob has been telling us about how today was the 15th anniversary of the Tienanmen Square massacre. Apparently it is all kept on the downlow over here since the government doesn't really enjoy talking about the time when they killed hundreds of civilians. So where is the one place you would imagine they'd want to take a group of Americans today? That's right, Tienanmen.

Nothing was really going on. They gave us 30 minutes to look around, and since it's just a concrete plaza, we spent 2 minutes walking around and 28 staring at each other wondering if there was something we were supposed to be doing but couldn't figure it out. And to top it off, some guy with a professional camera and a 15 foot lens was following us around and taking photos. I'm assuming from his getup of "Nikon" vest and such that he was a reporter of some kind. I can just see the headline of tomorrow's China Daily: "Americans try to incite riot on anniversary", accompanied by our pictures of course. And that will be the last time anyone will see us as we're taken away to barracks in the China underground for the rest of our natural lives. Afterall, this is a country where you get the death penalty for embezzling. They don't mess around with that shit here.