Saturday, May 29, 2004

Kee Keee and Hi-D's day of fun.

Every moment we survive our hotel room is gift from God. Thank heavens we are only 20 hours away from moving to paradise. We took a bus trip to the Forbidden City today and everyone that is staying in the other hotel was comparing speeds of their DSL lines. If looks could kill, quite a few people would be dead by now. Those living the posh life of flushing toilets and Starbucks access keep saying "it can't be that bad" and yet none have accepted the invitation to check it out for themselves. Which is probably all well and good because nothing short of a marriage certificate will allow them to join us in our room. Might put a damper on our wang tang tanging.

K and I have accepted the fact that we can only eat at fast food restaurants where we can point at the menu. Yet this doesn't work in some places as 4 or 5 people keep speaking Mandarin to me as I look at them blankly. Luckily the food we've gotten was what it looked like on the menu. Breakfast consisting of an egg on a hamburger bun with ketchup was fabulous. I'm not about to try the McNuggets with the shrimp in the middle of them because I value my life too much. We've also made a pact not to try authentic food until we move somewhere with a flushing toilet. As K pointed out, we can't use the bathroom in our hotel, we can't use it in the school, and we can't go anywhere public so we're running out of options. Shockingly, no one in the nice hotel has offered us bathroom access. Little buggers.

I've added K to the blog and she should be able to begin posting soon. Hopefully she'll share tales of how we're causing physical injury to the entire country. Nothing much exciting has happened so far, but hopefully more tales will transpire after we begin classes. Until then, pray for me.