Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Catch you on the flip side.

Well, I am 90 minutes away from my wakeup call before I make the 3 a.m. trek to the airport.

My cat has been flipping out all week because of the cicadas and once he saw the suitcase he has been spastic. I know they say cat's are dumb, but he knows what's going on. The usually aloof feline has been on my heels wherever I go, and was laying on my suitcase while I was trying to pack it. My parents always say that he gets really depressed and clingy while I'm gone, and then when I return, he punishes me by ignoring me for a few weeks. The thing probably has serious abandonment issues by this point. Not to worry, the mom will make me talk to him on the phone while I'm gone. I'm almost certain of it.

But this will be my last post for a while. And then I'll only be posting either via email or via message to Chuck, so the messages will be even more sporadic than usual. But don't forget to come back and see Amanda's blogging debut as I'm sure she's got lots of interesting things to say.

So until next time.... ta ta.