Friday, June 11, 2004

Chinese Language Lessons

A few of our classmates have become ambitious and are taking Chinese Language lessons while we're here. I figured it was pretty pointless for me since I'm not exactly a language person in the first place. So we mainly mooch off of their abilities to get us home in a cab and such.

But the one phrase that we have mastered is (as pronounced):
eee ping schway
Which means: one bottle of water.
And if you're ambitious you can try:
err ping schway
Which is 2 bottles of water.

Useful phrases for our stay no doubt. We've been practicing using other words such as err ping hospital which would likely be very useful as the trip progresses except it means "I'd like 2 bottles of this word you don't understand."

K and I have managed to get yelled at by one of our Chinese law student guides. The other day we were out sightseeing and told to meet at the East Gate at a certain time. Only they failed to mention that there were approximately 3 East Gates. We ended up being on time, but someone else was late, and we kept being told that we were late and they were going to give our food away. "You make us late, they give food away. You should be on time." No shit dude. So now any time someone is running late, we're like "you be late, they give our bus/tea/classroom/boring class lectures/etc away." It really hasn't improved anyone's punctuality though.