Thursday, July 22, 2004

Trading an M16 for a boob job...

Since H has decided to leave the country AGAIN, I've decided to take her up on her offer to blog here. She offered once before, but I was a bit blog-shy from a lesson learned from posting over at Chuck's place (Metaphors of a Magnifico - I don't know how to link stuff yet). At any rate, I'm not nearly as witty as H, but someone's gotta pick up her slack while she's off working missionary miracles and getting some parasitic disease in South America.

This news article caught my eye this afternoon: Apparently, members of all four branches of the military can now get breast enlargements, facelifts, nosejobs, and liposuction - all at the taxpayers expense - so that plastic surgeons can hone their skills. According to the article, anyone wearing a uniform is eligible. An army spokeswoman actually said, "The surgeons have to have someone to practice on."

The surgeons have to have someone to practice on?!? Nice - send the kids over to the middle east to fight whatever it is we're fighting over there, and if they're feeling fat and ugly when they come back, let them offer themselves up to some narcisistic plastic surgeon so he can practice his boob jobs until he's good enough to make it on the next season of "Dr. 90210."

Is it me, or does this seem a little twisted?