Monday, August 02, 2004

Blogging Breakdown

Okay, I realize that I said that I would pick up Heidi's slack while she was away, and I have since let down anyone who has popped over here in anticipation of a new post. Sorry about that, but I had a little run-in with the oral surgeon last week and have spent the last several days in a vicodin-induced semi-coma with a face that only remotely resembled my old self. Not a good excuse for not blogging since I was not working, but believe me when I say that if you think I was misinformed in my last post, you really wouldn't want to read anything I had to say last week. My thoughts did not extend much deeper than noting that I don't care for Dr. Phil's mustache.

Speaking of my last post, I was eloquently corrected by Energy Spatula over at Will Work for Favorable Dicta regarding the boob jobs and the military. There's a great post from Thursday, July 22 called "Soapbox Alert" that brings to light the positive motivations behind the offer of plastic surgery to members of the military. I would link here, butI haven't learned how yet (been slacking on that, too). However, the post is well worth the read if you're so inclined to look beyond the surface of the MSN article. And besides, Will Work for Favorable Dicta is one of the most amusing blogs I've come across, so if you haven't been there, go there.