Thursday, August 19, 2004

Death becomes us.

(Preface: I haven't been on the net all week, and after just catching up, I noticed that Lawren has already talked about what I'm talking about in this post. But since I don't have anything else to post about I'm leaving it up because it gives the appearance that I updated within the last month.)

As if it wasn't creepy enough that you can buy your burial plot and gravestones ahead of time, Costco is taking it to the next level. The store is now offering ready made coffins/caskets for those who will be thrifty until the day they die. The wooden boxes sell for a mere $750 and are available in a variety of different colors. You can visit your local Costco and find them next to the mattresses. You may want to rush out now and buy your favorite style as there is no word whether the fall or winter lines will include the ever popular lilac model. I'm thinking of getting mine now and letting it double as a coffee table until I need it. I could use the extra storage space.