Thursday, September 16, 2004

Update: 10 bucks.

Edited: After better judgment, I realize I got my rant out, but don't need to leave this up for all the world to see. Chuck made some valid points, but I think I did also. So we're leaving the topic for now.

For those just dying to know the fate of my 10 dollars, I do have an update. I visited the school cafeteria, which we'll just call 'Cartwheels' and pled my case. Long story short, she came back and wrote my name, her name, and the words "10 dollars, law school" and handed it to me explaining it was a credit I could cash in at Cartwheels because she confirmed that the drawer was not over the other day. All of which is fine since I do shop there frequently as it's the only option for food in the building.