Saturday, August 13, 2005

Concert Interruptus

I've been meaning to buy the latest Coldplay album for a while. I've even had "Clocks" as my ringtone since I got my new phone. So when I ran into KeeKee and she told me that one of our friends had won tickets to last night's concert and couldn't use them, I jumped on board.

For my parents readers who need a reference point, that's the band that's currently number 1 on the charts and whose lead singer is married to Gwenneth Paltrow.

The concert was good, but I'm glad we didn't pay the 70 bucks for the tickets. I've kinda been spoiled when it comes to concerts there. The only other one I've been to was a Weezer concert with my former roommate. She used to work for a label and occassionally she got VIP tickets which spoil you with the VIP parking, the VIP bar, the VIP seats, and most importantly, the VIP separate marble bathrooms. So while last night's tickets were free, it wasn't the same royal treatment. Alas, I survived.

I'll post a timeline later, because really, it's worth it.