Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Music of the Moment

I know several people don't care for posts on my music tastes. Deal. I've been told a lot over the last few years that I have weird taste in music, but then been asked to share. So for that one reader who really cares, I'll continue.

1. Jason Mraz: I was only familiar with one of his songs but borrowed the CD from the library the other day. And it's all so catchy. Who can't relate to soul-searching lyrics like,
You can say that I'm one curly fry in the box of the regular"

2. Kelly Clarkson: I'll admit I didn't watch the first season of American Idol. I'll also admit that I avoided her stuff because it was way too trendy for me. But then following her latest album, I kept hearing songs on the radio that I liked, and after I found out they were by her, I made the sacrifice.

3. Anna Nalick: It is very rare indeed for me to have 2 female artists revolving on the playlist at the same time. She's kinda got a Tori Amos feel (which is odd because I never listened to her) and she writes her own music. Which is a must to make my faves list. (Ahem, in light of artist #2 I should probably revise this to say usually required.)

4. Jadon Lavik: I don't know much about him, but for weeks I keep hearing a particular song on the Jesus Radio that strikes a nerve with me. So for that, he gets a nod.