Sunday, July 10, 2005

Comedy of Errors

This weekend was painting of my apartment weekend. My sister was going to come up and help me paint on Saturday so that I could stop staring at white walls, and it would be easier before I move everything up. I was glad for the distraction because with no TV and no internet, I spend most of my non-bar studying time at Wal-mart and Meijer buying crap I need.

The sister (A) and the Bro-in-law (J) decided to come up the night before with my neice and the mom to spend the night, and then J and Mom would drive home the next day, and A and I would follow. Only things don't go as planned. By the time they arrive, the neice is screaming because she's sick. We decide to head somewhere for dessert, only to have A and J both forget the diaper bag. So we stop by Meijer to get a few diapers and since J was there to help carry heavy things, I went ahead and bought a dining room table. Only we're chasing each other around the store, and A is starting to feel sick. So we head back to the apartment.

A looks like she's ready to keel over, so J goes to inflate the air-bed for them to sleep on. (I'm leaving out how when they arrived and opened the hatch of the van, they looked like they were moving in; exersaucer, crib, 3 suitcases, 2 fans, painting supplies, furniture dolly, pillows, air bed, etc.) But while J is airing up the bed, the motor explodes. Since we didn't have enough bed space, J and I ran to Wal-Mart (at 10:30) to buy a replacement bed. Get home, air it up, and it's the most uncomfortable, awkward looking thing we've ever seen.

By this point, A and the niece are sicker than dogs, so the mom and I give up my king size bed to sleep on the air mattress. A, J, and the neice take the king size. The mom ends up on the couch because even though the air bed is a queen, it's not meant to sleep 2.

The next day, to make a long story short, the mom, the niece and A hole up in my room while J and I take on painting. The mom was taking care of the 2 sick ones, and I was being nice to J because he hadn't carried the heavy furniture up to my 3rd floor apt yet.

By late afternoon, we had finished the majority of painting, and they were all leaving to go home and I was going to shower and then follow. I had to get all sorts of my stuff from home so I just wanted to spend the night. At this point, we all felt like we'd been on a bad vacation. 45 minutes after they left, I can't find my keys, and after a quick call, found that J had accidently taken them with him back to the Jesus Town-- an hour away.

Anyway, without going through it all, the mom brought the keys back after church this morning, and we had a nice lunch and I came home. So now, I have all the stuff to do that I was going to do yesterday and today. Which means that I'm going to go to the IBA mock MBE on Tues instead of Mon. Which is fine by me. I'm trying not to think of the fact that I have the PMBR mock MBE on Wed. That's going to be 400 MBE questions in the span of 48 hours. I can do it. I think.