Saturday, July 02, 2005

To tip, or not to tip.

We all have our "duh" moments. Unfortunately for those related to me, I like to blog about your duh moments when I have nothing better to say. My mother is the lucky target subject tonight.

I moved into my new apartment yesterday, and had my new bed delivered in the afternoon. The guy was super nice and put together the frame and assembled the whole shebang for me. Which was nice given that there's no way I could have hauled that king size up my 2 flights of stairs, nor manuevered it around the room and onto the frame. I wanted to tip him in appreciation, but had no cash on me, and it didn't occur to me that I could write a check. Instead I told him to have a good weekend and imagined the conversation he would have with his 10 year old son/helper on the way down to the truck about my lack of gratuity.

Which for the record, tipping makes me feel uncomfortable because for me, I feel like if they're not expecting a tip, it may be belittling to them. And I never know when to tip. This guy got paid a specific delivery rate based on where I lived and what floor. So normally I think that's enough, but then I don't think installation was included.

Anyway, back to the point. It bugged me all night, and anyone who knows me, knows that these things will eat away at me for months. So instead, I called the store, and asked if I could send a check to them and they could get it to him, because the guy is an independent contractor. [And anyone who started thinking with regard to tortious liability when I mentioned that needs to step away from the bar review material.] The store lady then had a duh moment and told me that she couldn't take a check for delivery because they don't know if it will clear by time of delivery. To which I had to point out that I already had my bed. But I wanted to send a check instead of cash to make sure it went to the right person. She then agreed, told me delivery guy's name, and gave me the address to mail it to the store.

Incidentally, I probably tipped twice as much as I would have had I done in cash, but writing a check for a small amount and then sending it seemed a bit insulting. But I wrote out the check, and a small letter identifying myself by delivery date, bed size and 3rd floor apartment so he'd know who I was. Afterall, if I'm going through all the trouble to tip the guy in part so that he doesn't think ill of me, I want him to know it was me that sent the check.

Back to the mom's duh moment. I was telling my mom what I was doing when she became a little worried. She pointed out that this guy was an independent contractor and therefore, maybe I shouldn't write a check. She said that it might not be a good idea because the check would contain my personal information, including where I live. And my brother and I, who are ever so delicate with our words, begin laughing and pointing out to the mom that the dude was in my bedroom so I think he knows where I live. My name was also written on the plastic coverings, so I wasn't giving that away either.

To ease any remaining worries, I assured her that I didn't draw any hearts or XOXOXO on the card I enclosed, and that I kept it very formal so he didn't read it as, "come by and see me sometime." I also pointed out that I wasn't giving away my address. My checks still carry the Jesus Town address. Happy stalking, delivery dude.