Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Putting the Dull back in Idol

I am just so underwhelmed by the chicks this year. I watched most of tonight's show on fast forward. Poor song choices, poor clothing choices. It's all adding up to be one mediocre year for the girls. I like a couple, but not enough to care who I think should make it to the next round.

The only one I'm adamant that I hope does NOT survive tomorrow is Brenna. There's confidence and there's bitchery. Girl needs to learn the difference and understand that America only tolerates you so far. And she's about 1 show past tolerance.

And the "oh no she didn't" moment of the night goes to Paula for telling Mandisa, "you have such a beautiful face." Which to some people may sound innocuous. But it isn't. If she were saying it to a size 2 Kelly Pickler, she would have just said, "you are just so beautiful." But since Mandisa is not a size 2, she had to say she had a beautiful face, thus underhandedly implying that the rest of her wasn't keeping up. I know, because I've been there. And though you smile and take it, you can't help shaking the underlying message.