Thursday, April 20, 2006

Working on your Diction.

Unless you've been in a hole for the last year, you all know that I have to dictate at work. It's actually time saving and I've gotten the hang of it. And besides one minor slip up while on the telephone one time, I haven't had any major blunders.

Today I was hanging out trying to find a file when I heard my associate talking to the paralegal. Sometimes if we're just making a quick change, we just visit our paralegal and dictate a short portion live. It ends up being faster than having to use up a tape. And of course, we speak punctuation.

He was telling her to insert a certain sentence.
What he meant to say: "As discussed comma supra...."
What he actually said: "As discussed comma sutra..."

He caught himself and corrected, but not before our office assistant and I got a snicker in.