Thursday, August 31, 2006


For those interested, I promised an update on TT.

After several consultations with his oncologist, they've decided that radiation is the way to go. So TT will begin treatments next week. He will have at least 33 treatments given daily each weekday for the next few weeks. Unfortunately, due to his line of work and the side effects of the radiation, he will be taking temporary disability and time off from work.

TT is also having some sort of "infusion" treatment which is recommended for someone as young as he is. It's apparently an experimental drug given to lession the possible long term effects of the radiation. I won't go into the possible effects since we're all trying to remain positive. Those are all bridges he will cross when he gets there.

The good news is that he has mostly healed from surgery. Even though they removed a significant portion of the tongue, his speech is back to normal. The weeks after surgery he had a slight speech difference and I wondered if it would be permanent. Thankfully, it is not. He seems to be in good spirits and enjoyed himself on our recent short family vacation. (The Mom, the Dad, TT and I went to Orlando for all of 38 hours and spent a few days at Disney. I have a few stories from the trip which I will relay later. Trust me, they're worth the wait.) So right now, all is good.