Friday, September 12, 2003

Yes sir, officer sir.

Ok, so I should have known better.

No I mean, I really should have known better. Last Friday my prof started talking about how to not get a ticket from a state trooper. So I was relaying that story today in my Con Law class. And we're all talking about our experiences. So I mention that I've never been pulled over. Like ever. No warning, no flashy lights, no nothing.

So you can guess what happened on my way home from class. I'm about half a mile from my house and I look up and a state trooper is going the other way as I pass. So naturally I look at the speedometer and I was going 55. Which wouldn't be so bad had I not been in a 40 zone. So I keep looking in the rearview and I see his brake lights, but that's about it. So as I get to my driveway, I look back, and sure enough he's turning around and he puts his lights on.

So I did what any normal person would do. I pulled into my driveway and back around the house and prayed he couldn't figure out where I went.

No such luck. He followed me in my driveway, lights and all. By this time I'm out of the car and he gives me this look as he's getting out of the car. In my driveway no less. I can't judge his expression, but he says he needs my license. I give it to him and then walk around the car to get my registration. (Which thankfully, I knew exactly where it was since I just got my plates yesterday). And as I'm doing so, he invariably asks the questions "was there any reason you were going so fast." To which I start jumbling my words and say something like I didn't know how fast I was going. So then he tells me. And I stare blankly at him wondering if I'm supposed to apologize or what.

He takes my info and goes back to sit in his car. Now under normal circumstances the pulled over driver is in the front seat of the car and the trooper behind them. But I was standing outside my car not 4 feet from him. And looking like an idiot. My neighbors share a driveway with us and they pull in and wave, and I'm dying of embarrassment. Since I was just standing there, I decide to go ahead and start getting everything out of my car. And it's taking forever.

He finally gets out of the car and comes back to me. And he's smirking. He hands me my stuff and starts explaining that he was only giving me a warning, because, in his own words "I don't want to blemish your perfect record." Now part of me was proud of the fact that I've never ever been pulled over. And part of me thought he was making fun of me, cause really, who has ever heard of a 25 yr old who has never been pulled over.

But he tells me the standard, 'slow down next time.' And then he starts smiling and asks who the people were that pulled in. I explain and he says he thought it was my parents checking on me. And then he gets in the car, tells me to have a nice day. I walk in the house expecting my dad and my brother to be looking out the window, but apparently they're deaf and blind and didn't see any of it.

I had a hard enough time trying not to laugh while he was here since I found it so funny that not 3 hours before I was shamelessly bragging about my record. But no more. At least my professor would be proud since I didn't get a ticket.