Monday, October 27, 2003


Aw, damn it all. I just had my entire post typed up, and the computer malfunctioned. So here we go again.

I'm a band geek to the core. So when my family decided to go to the state band finals this weekend, I was in. Now I don't get obsessed about it sinc eI don't know anyone else in it anymore, and how they do doesn't really matter. But I was a little surprised at the results.

My alma mater tends to place in the top 5 most of the time, and we've won the whole thing about 8 times in the last 15 yrs. This weekend however we placed 4th. Which is good except for the disturbing fact that 4 out of the 6 judges had our band ranked 1st, 1 had them 2nd, and 1 had them 6th. So a panel of 6 judges is actually reduced to one judge determining the outcome. Something is seriously screwed up with the judging system. The band that won didn't have a single 1st placing and in fact had 3 3rds.

I just feel bad for the kids in the band who put forth a year of hard work and should have walked away with a state championship, and instead walked away with the taste of sour grapes. And now I'll step off of my soap box.