Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Why men should not lead the world.

I'm getting sick of the jewelry commercials which insist on portraying women as selfish, whiny, bitches. Really, have we come so far only to be put back into our place. Let me summarize the one I heard on the radio tonight.

Your skanky girlfriend will only say 'yes' if you spend half your salary on a rock the size of Neptune. Because she, like all women, only wants you for one thing. And it ain't the sex. But rest assured, the bigger the rock, the bigger the satisfaction you get when rip it off her finger in divorce court because the slut is banging your best man. You knew you couldn't trust either of them anyway. A woman is nothing until she has a man to take care of her. A woman's wedding day is the only day in her life where she will keep her big mouth shut for longer than 10 minutes and you're sure to get some at the end of the 'date', even if she's only putting out because she thinks she's legally required. So come to our jewelry store and drop some dough on a ring that will never be big enough, shiny enough, or cost enough for her ho-bag taste. Because after all, size really does matter.

Ok, I kinda paraphrased since I don't remember the exact words. But damn, do we really need the jewelry stores scaring the men into believing that all women are shallow, money-hungry, whores? It's hard enough to find a good man (or any man) in this world that I don't need them scared before I even get there. I'm really close to writing a nasty letter and mailing it to them.

Oh, and if my future husband is reading this: 1+ carat, platinum band, engraved with words of your undying love, from Tiffany's or you ain't gettin anywhere near, under, or next to my nice white dress.