Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Girlie Movies

I was watching TV this afternoon while getting ready to go to the store. Sixteen Candles was on TV, and I can't ever resist that movie, so I had it on. My brother comes downstairs and watches about 2 minutes of it and then starts making fun of it. I asked him if he'd ever seen it and he replied, "no way, it's a chic flick". So I debated with him and gave the high points as to why it wasn't a bad chic flick. And trying to explain this to a guy who's favorite movies are the Matrix series, Star Wars, and the Patriot is a bit difficult.

Anyway, I come back from the store and he's folding laundry in the living room. And what is he watching? The Cutting Edge, which he of course denies as a chic flick. And he wasn't even watching it because there is nothing else on. He's the first to admit that he likes the movie. (I think he tries to convince himself that since there is hockey in it, it's a sporting film.) I knew the boy had a soft spot in there somewhere.