Saturday, November 22, 2003


So the dad calls me last night at 10:30.
"Did you see the note on the TV?" Apparently now he thinks I've gone blind. So I looked at the note again, and it was even worse than I thought. Here it is.

(This is in 18 pt typed font and all the caps and boldness are his originally)
I have this VCR set to tape the Michigan/Ohio State game at Noon on Saturday. Please be SURE the cable is set on CHANNEL 6 by noon on Saturday.

If you want to tape the game upstairs instead so you can use this TV to watch something else, use the tape in this VCR.

Noon Saturday Nov. 22 WRTV channel 6.

For those playing along at home: Did you catch what day and time the game is on? How about what channel?

My favorite thing was the inclusion of the date and the station call letters. Nice one dad.