Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Sexual Healing

I was watching a show on the Discovery channel yesterday that dealt with human mating and how scientific it is. As part of it, they talked about the smells that make people most sexually aroused. For men it was cheese pizza. For women it was cucumber.

Which got me to thinking metaphorically about sex. Isn't it ironic that for men it would be something readily availabe, cheap, easy, and able to get on any street corner. Whereas for women, it's something that has to be prepared, isn't all that common in dining experiences, and you have to go somewhere a bit more upscale. With pizza, you get cheese everytime, but if you order a salad, you may or may not get a cucumber depending on how much time the chef takes to make the salad. (And I ain't just talking veggies, if you know what I mean). Typical, eh?

And to quote a friend : There are many many distributors of cheese pizza, and lots of varieties. We, however, are stuck with one kind of vegetable - the cucumber. Our only hope is that we land a larger than average one. Preach it sista.