Saturday, November 01, 2003

Taking one for the team.

We finally got to play our football today since it was rained out last week. It was flag football, which basically meant the same amount of physical contact and different rules for everyone to whine and bitch about. I have never in my life heard so many people griping over every little thing.

One of the teams (blue team) we played only had 1 girl, so they changed the rules from having to have 3 girls on the field, to only having 1, to accommodate them. And they bitched. But damn, the girl on that team was a trooper. She had to touch the ball every 4 downs and I think she caught every one of them. Including the one that 4 members from her own team tackled her on the play.

As for me, I actually completed a pass and made a few flag pulls, while only suffering minor injuries. I took 2 shots to the head, only one of which left a mark, but both of which left a massive headache. The one that left a mark resulted from some contact when I was pulling the flag. See my head contacted something hard. Namely the chin of the aforementioned girl. It left a knot the size of a golfball on my head, which means that it must of hurt her like hell. And yet, she played on. We collided hard enough to knock us both to the ground and she didn't cry. Seriously, someone give this girl an award.

The other head injury happened when I was grabbing a guy's flags, and someone from my team was getting him from the other side, and my teammate took us both down. My hand scraped across my opponent's cleats, and thank heavens they were plastic and not metal so no blood. But that didn't stop him from griping about how rough we were playing. Dude, do you think I like having my ass planted by my own teammate. Not to mention the guy on your team who used me to shove off of to make a catch when he couldn't get open. I said I'd play "girl" not "bitch".

Anyway, we won our 1st 2 games and then had to play the blue team again. And even though we beat them the first time, and it was a double elim tournament, we lost the last game and they declared the blue team the winners. So technically, we both finished 2-1 losing once to each other. And you know what happened after that game..... People bitched. God bless the assholes who are to be lawyers.