Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Making a Statement

My brother quit his job at Rural King the other day. I've provided the link for those of you who aren't blessed enough to have one near you. Apparently they kept giving him flak for his earring. Now I must say, I am partial to the earring since I took him, against my parents wishes, to get it done. And it's just a small diamond stud in his upper ear, not that noticable. But anyway, they told him to lose the earring. Apparently jewelry appendages and tractor accessories don't mix. So he did what any reliable 23 yr old would do. He quit.

Now he thinks he's making some sort of statement about his 1st amendment rights. I think he's now unemployed and Billy Bob Joe has taken his place stocking fertilizer on aisle 12, while the manager still doesn't know how to spell my bro's name on his last pay check.

But I'm just the older sister, what would I know? Here's to freedom of speech in minimum wage jobs.