Monday, November 03, 2003

Calling all doctors.

When I was 8 yrs old, I kept getting sore throats about every 2 weeks. So my doctor, advising what was the trendy medical procedure of the 80's suggested I have my tonsils out. I was a little leery about having surgery and he tried to convince me that it would be all for the better. He promised me I could have ice cream when I woke up and that I'd never have a sore throat again.

Liar. When I woke up it felt like someone had been raking the back of my throat with metal forks, and the hospital didn't serve ice cream. Only jello. Only orange jello. And can you guess which flavor of jello I would eat only after I'd exhausted the option of eating my own vomit?

But anyway, the point of the story is that having your tonsils out does not stop you from having sore throats. My doctor didn't tell me that I would have just as many, just I could never get strep. Which doesn't comfort me now as I have a raging sore throat at the moment. It's one of those times when it hurts so bad to swallow that you just wait as long as you can, and then almost gag yourself with the pain when you finally allow yourself to. And I know exactly what causes it. I had the "roaring" in my ears last week, which probably meant my sinuses were stuffed up, and now it's all draining. (Hope no one was eating when they read that). As I type I have the one nostril breathing going on. (Excuse me while I blow my nose.)

And I know some of you are saying "go to the doctor", but trust me, I've been through this before. By the time I get in there, he'll look at me and suggest I take Allegra, or whatever allergy med he thinks appropriate, disregarding the fact that I have been tested for allergies and tested negative to all of the pricks, including the test one that everyone is supposed to react to. But he'll feel like he's done his job, I'll be put on some expensive medication that I can afford with my lovely student health insurance only after selling my liver, and the thing will clear itself up on its own in about 3 days.

So beware to those of you who must see me in person this week. Chances are I'm going to be a bit crabby and whining about it. To top it off, I have the mother of all headaches that won't go away, even with strong medication. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to know where that one came from. (Which reminds me, at this time next year, someone please point me to this post when I start talking about playing on the flag football team again.) I'll save the "my mom thinks I have a concussion" for another post.