Friday, November 21, 2003

It runs in the family

And you wondered where I got my obsessiveness from....

In the interest of equal opportunity mocking, I thought it was my dad's turn today.

I was raised in a household that watches sports nonstop. NFL, NBA, NHL, NASCAR, field hockey, etc. But Michigan college football has always been the holy grail of sporting. I think I knew the words to 'Hail the Victors' long before I knew our national anthem. I remember the Rose Bowl in 1989. We weren't allowed to watch it because it made my dad nervous. So he would flip over every few minutes, but not stay on it long enough to see a play. Granted, we have the thing on tape so that he could actually watch it after he knew the outcome.

I even remember our family vacation the year after that. It was over Christmas break and we went to Florida. The parentals used the pretense that it was so we could go to Disney World, but I think my dad was only convinced when my mom promised we could go to the Gator Bowl. So on a freezing January day in Jacksonville, FL, I saw my first bowl game.

Which brings me to today. My parents are gone this weekend. And my dad left us a few notes on the door, such as take out the trash, vacuum, etc. But the ultimate note is the one taped over the screen on the television. It's typed, single spaced, and is at least half a page in length. Basically it spells out that under no circumstances are we to change the channel on Sat morning and ruin the taping of the Michigan--Ohio State game. (We have that damn digital cable where you can't set the channel on the VCR, but have to set the cable box and you can only watch the channel you are taping) He stopped just short of indicating that he will cherish this video more than any of our firstborn children. A little anal are we dad?

Though his concerns may be justified. Last time I was entrusted with the taping of football, I accidently forgot to tape the first half of the Northwestern game. Wouldn't you know that that would be the year the Wolverines would win the National Championship and that my dad would have the complete set of tapes. Minus the 1st half of the Northwestern game of course. Who knew he wouldn't appreciate the Saved by the Bell Zack/Kelly wedding that's on the tape just as much.