Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Winter Wonders

I finally switched over to the flannel sheets and comforter for the year. I tend to hold out as long as I can, since I get so hot sleeping at night. (I could go so many places with that sentence, but I won't.) But when it's 30 degrees outside like it is now, it's approximately 31 degrees in my room.

When my parents remodeled the upstairs, they decided they didn't want to run the heating and air ducts up here because the thing is so old and they feared gas leaks or exploding aluminum pipes. So they opted for the manual methods. Window air conditioners do the job in the summer, and 3 comforters and 2 pair of gloves do the job in the winter. And I'm not kidding. If the temperature drops below about 15, the bro and I usually have to fight for space on the floor downstairs so we don't freeze to death.

Anyway, the flannel (or the cat hair magnet material as I like to call it) is in place, meaning I have to retire the flannel pajamas for the season. I made the mistake last year of wearing those in combination with these sheets. I swear it's like someone velcroed me into bed. Clearly that's the only way I get any sleep seeing as it's 2:30 in the morning now.