Saturday, September 18, 2004

Free to Good Home

Ok, I'm resorting to the blog advertising for this important matter. My sister needs to give away her cat ASAP because they have the baby coming. She had a family who was going to take him, and they've backed out at the last minute. So she's looking for a replacement owner so that the cat doesn't have to be taken to the pound.

It's a male, long haired, black and white "tuxedo" cat. He's 3 years old, fixed, and declawed. He's good natured, though somewhat shy, and likes to sit on my sister's lap at "talk" to her when she gets home. My parents have the twin to her cat, and we'd take him if we didn't already have 3 cats. Here is a pic of my mom's cat when he was younger, and her cat is nearly identical. She's supposed to be bringing me a pic of her cat so I can put it up with this post, but for now, that will give you an idea.

If anyone is interested in a cat, or knows someone who is, either email me or comment. My sister never really wanted to give away the cat but her husband has given her the ultimatum. So as soon as she can find a good home for him, she'll have one less thing to worry about.