Monday, December 20, 2004

Christmas with the Fam

We had our family Christmas earlier tonight, and it was a fiasco as always. Never know who's feuding with who, but it's easy to tell about 10 minutes in. And then you have to swoop in for the gossip. Unfortunately, this gathering was mostly gossip free.

One family tradition is that my grandfather hands out money on Thanksgiving (in varying amounts which correspond to relation), and we are to buy our own presents. Of course, we then have to wrap our own presents and bring them to the party, where we unwrap them, feign surprise, and thank him for knowing exactly what we wanted. It's only half as exciting as it sounds.

Then we move on to the depressing part of the evening. Every year, my mother buys my grandfather a calendar, which we pass around and put in everyone's birthdays and anniversaries, as well as what age we will be. So I of course have to fill in that I'm going to be 28, even though I'm still 10 days away from turning 27. It's killer.

I thought blogging would be easier now that I'm finished for the semester, but since I'm not on the computer for hours a day, it's not as accessible. Though I promise the gift-wrapping post is coming soon.