Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Babysitting Blues

I began my duty of babysitting once a week last Thursday. It was pretty uneventful until the projectile vomitting occurred. It's not really all that nasty since it's just milk, but boy does she have some range on her. At one point I was moving her from her swing to the couch and she threw her head back and spit up all over her head, in her ears, on her eyeballs, etc. It wasn't pretty.

She began daycare yesterday, and it so happens that the daycare is in the church where my dad works. So he of course spends most of his day down there with her. With it being the first grandchild, he can't get enough. We all have to fight him off for a chance to hold her whenever he's around.

But my parents are convinced that she's a genius. She turned 7 weeks old today, and at 6 weeks she was laughing and mimicking us. If we stick out our tongues, she'll do the same. It's really cute. She also tries to talk to you but of course only makes gurgling sounds. But she follows you around the room with her eyes, and when you sit and watch her she "talks". We'll see what the new developments are when I babysit this Thurs.