Monday, November 15, 2004

Twin Minds

As some of you know, my sister is only 18 months older than me, and we spent most of our childhood prancing around the neighborhood in matching or coordinating outfits. It was seriously like I was my sister's mini-me. But what sucked more was that I not only had to wear the outfit once (when it was my outfit) as I grew older I had to wear her outfit too. It wasn't too traumatizing for a girl who wanted to be exactly like her sister.

The scary part was that as we grew older, we grew to look more and more alike. People have often told us we look like twins, and have gotten us mixed up even when we're standing together. She used to be the one with long hair, and I with short, though there were some misguided attempts on my part to have long hair that made it confusing. Now she's cut off her hair, and we're back to being twins.

Yesterday, she and my brother in law and my niece came over for dinner. I had been partaking in my favorite Sunday pasttime, (which as most know is napping) and by the time I woke up, I was hardly presentable. I had on one of the most comfortable outfits I own, which means that it is entirely inappropriate to wear in public. I swear Clinton and Stacie would shoot me for that. So it doesn't leave the house.

It was only halfway through dinner before I noticed that she and I looked like dorks. I had on my Veggie Tales Larry shirt and she had on her Veggie Tales Bob shirt and we were both wearing black pants with white stripes down the side.

I swear, we haven't lived in the same house in years, and yet we do things like this all the time. It's like that wierd twin connection, only we're not twins. Maybe it has to do with growing up in the same environment. Or maybe it's just that we both own the shirts since our parents bought them for us. Whichever, it's still a bit freaky for my taste.