Friday, November 05, 2004


I've had things to blog about recently, but by the time I sit down in front of the computer, I can't remember what they are. So this is just random thoughts.

The school managed to put together the most dismal class schedule ever. It's not that the classes aren't interesting, it's that to take the classes I'm interested in, I'd be there 5 days a week, and some of them would overlap. Instead, I decided to take classes that begin with the letter I (immigration law, international law, and international and comparative family law), and had I had enough guts to take Income Tax, it would have been only I classes. Instead, to someone viewing my schedule it looks like I'm planning to sneak illegal immigrants into the country and then tell them how to run their families.

My sister called me yesterday to come over and keep the baby awake so that she didn't sleep during the day and then be up all night. But anyone who's ever tried to entertain a 3 week old will know that when a 3 week old wants to sleep, she sleeps. I tried singing to her, (which anyone who sits in front of me for church could tell you that my voice is grating enough to be anything but soothing) and yet that didn't work either.

Does Colorado realize that if they go through with dividing their electoral votes by popular vote percentage they are rendering themselves virtually useless in the next presidential election? Since the largest vote split ever is usually 70/30, then 1 candidate would be getting 6 votes, the other 3, making Colorado worth a net of 3 votes. But it's more likely that it would go 5 votes to 4, making it only worth 1. The only way it ever will work is if all states are going to go that way.

My neice is making her stage debut this Christmas as Baby Jesus in the church seasonal program. It's sort of a family tradition as I myself played Baby Jesus back in the day. Only I was supposed to be after the birth Baby Jesus, and ended up being being the pre-birth Baby Jesus, since I was born a little late.

More coherent posts coming in the future.